A new boiler on the market called the “Flow Boiler” looks just like your standard boiler found in UK homes, however it has an amazing USP. It generates electricity. This new technology would effectively turn your home into a mini power station and would slash energy bills. The British firm Flow Energy that has designed

Thousands of pounds was claimed in Rochdale in the hottest June on record. Despite temperatures soaring over 27° around 575 people were provided with extra heating support through the local councils Crisis Fund. The Fund is a pot of £1million each year to help residents in desperate need. £64,000 was handed out during June with

Under a new government warmth scheme a customer of British Gas from County Durham was told she was entitled to a free boiler, but British Gas forgot all about her. After an engineer had visited her home and approved she was eligible for the work she was told that British Gas would be in touch

After months of negotiations EU member states will need to increase their efficiency with energy by a further 30% in the next 15 years to achieve the objectives set by the European Commission. With concerns over the security of Russian gas supplies some European leaders hoped it would be higher. There will be a further